Pomme de Sang,

An Anita Blake Vampire Hunter Community


Sourdre de Sang (SDS) is a selective archive that houses only the best quality ABVH fanfic available. If you are looking for an excellent read, or if you are new to the fandom and donít know where to start, then we highly suggest you start at SDS.

Pomme de Sang (PDS) is an ABVH archive that accepts fan fiction. If you are new to posting fiction on our site, post here. We welcome authors who are 18 and older. The SDS authors are selected from this site, and you may be invited to post on SDS as well.

Pomme de Sang (PDS) is a community of Anita Blake fans. The bulk of the site is a database of Anita Blake fanfiction. Authors may create accounts and upload their own fics. There is also an extremely active forum for authors and readers as well as an image gallery for your eye candy needs. Please join us and share your fics, read and review those archived here, or just chat with us. If you have any questions or comments, please contact admin.pds@gmail.com.


This site may contain explicit sexual content on the fanfiction archive, message board and the image gallery. This includes sexually explicit language, situations, and discussions as well as pictures that involve full nudity. There may also be mention of slash (male/male or female/female) and these may not be clearly marked when it comes to the message board or image gallery. All authors in the fiction archives are required to rate their story and provide a warning if it involves explicit sex or same-sex sexual relations.

The archives, message board and image gallery are all NC-17, or adults only. The pieces of fan fiction archived may have also sexual explicit content. Please join us
only if you are age 18 or older.