Sourdre de Sang Submission Rules

Submission Rules

Only approved authors may post in this archive. All submissions by unapproved authors will be placed in a queue and deleted once each week.

Approved authors are: Aithne, amanda, BeElleGee, BleedtoBlue, Calex, Cathartes Aura, Celeste, Chaos Dragon, Cooper666, DesertDragon, DetectiveSimms, Ebony, elysian dreams, Eve B Hart, Freyja, Ginny, Kendra, likeneonlights, luv-micah, Marasmine, Meghan, Mhalachai, myladymystere, Narcissus Unchained, obsidian_butterfly66, Princess Wolfe, raintiger, Rebecca, Reve, Ruas, Sabriel_0405, Saturdays_Angel, Serpentine, Sirres, Shadow of the Stain, Sidana, Sian265, somethinglikehuman, triscut, Wingleader Sora Jade, xXxMorenaxXx, Winterineden, Brisketbunny, A Catherine Noon, ThornedRazor, Nemhain, Gwenefhar33, and Roguefemme.

If you are not on this list, please go to Pomme de Sang and post your fiction there. All of our authors are discovered on Pomme de Sang. If one of the moderators reads your work and believes that you deserve to be archived on SDS, then the other authors archived here will vote. If the majority of SDS authors agree, then you will be contacted and given permission to upload your work to SDS.