General [76] For those fics that involve a bit of everything.
Humor [42] Those stories intended to make us laugh or parody the Anita Blake series and characters.
Crossovers [21] For all fics that involve ABVH characters and characters from other established fandoms.
Action/Adventure [46] More along the lines of one of the earlier Anita Blake novels. Fics filled with action, adventure, and mystery.
Angst [91] Fics filled with emotional strife, despair, insecurity, or apprehension.
Merry Gentry [0] Merry Gentry is another series by LKH. It is not as popular as ABVH, but fics for it are welcome here.
Romance [99] Pieces that deal with a romantic relationship or potential relationship between two characters.
Vignette [16] Insights into the personality, thought process, and mind of one or more of the characters.