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How do you feel about cross-over stories?01/02/1009/01/10
Skin Trade will be out June 2, 2009. I'm going to:05/02/0901/02/10
My favorite birthday cake is:03/01/0905/02/09
For Valentine's Day, I'm going to:01/31/0903/01/09
Which of the ABVH ladies would you most like to catch under the mistletoe?12/09/0801/31/09
Which pairing do you hope to see explored in the next ABVH book?08/30/0812/09/08
Blood Noir is out!06/15/0808/30/08
Blood Noir, the new ABVH book, is due out in less than a month.05/02/0806/15/08
I eat my chocolate bunnies:03/25/0805/02/08
Tell us about your reviewing habits:11/17/0703/25/08
Will you buy Blood Noir (the next AB book, featuring Jason in a prominent role)?10/08/0711/17/07