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OCs: Tell me about yours!
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OCs: Tell me about yours!
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Vampire Slave
Vampire Slave

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I'll share a bit about my OC since I'd like to know if she sounds too much like a Mary Sue.
We're talking about Keri Lortel. When she was 12 she and her brother were kidnapped. Keri was offered a choice - her life, or her brother's and she chose hers, so in that sense she kinda killed him. The event provoked pyrocinetis - don't know if I spelled that right- abilities in her. It also turned her into a sociopath. Ever since that event she's been plaguing the streets of Sofia - it's in Bulgaria - and has been killing people that, in her opinion, won't be missed by anyone. She burns the bodies to ashes. The vampire council takes interest in the strabge chain of disappearances. One night Asher followes Keri with her victim. That night she is offered a choice - either start working for the council, or get killed before she can turn against them. In that offer Keri sees a prospect of power for the future so she agrees and moves under Belle Morte's protection. The rest of the story follows the events of 'Burnt Oferings', which means Fernando is still alive and that leads to a few funny interactions. Keri's family life is messed up - her parents demand of her to be perfect. Her mother can't forgive her her brother's death and her father kind of ignores her, which makes her search attention wherever she can. she eats a lot when outside home, because when she eats there her parents tell her she's getting fat.She's short-sighted to the point she can barely see anything 3 feet away from her. She is absolutely obsessed with her looks and with sketching all the time. Her parents are insanely rich and she spends a lot of cash on useless stuff to make herself happier. She is obsesse with the idea of someone loving her unconditionably, although when eople tell her that they love her, she doesn't believe them. Often she demands of the people she kills to tell her that she is beautiful or that they love her. Later in the story she will admit that there is nothing that can make her happy anymore. Her romance with Asher is short and passionate, but in the end Keri dies from a spontaneous self-torching. Nothing in the book is changed because of my OC except for the fact that the vampire council resides in Bulgaria.

One day only God will stand above me. God and a few tones of dirt.
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Cannon Fodder
Cannon Fodder

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My OC's name is Anthony and he is a werehyena. He's from New York, originally, but he moves to St. Louis because 1) the local fauna seems more accepting 2) university 3) to get away from his parents.
He is 19, and an attack victim. His parents wanted to commit him to a halfway house, but he was already 18. He's extremely weak and submissive and he has no designs on power or romance. He just wants to get his degree in peace, and maybe publish a book. He's not above admitting he is a pretentious stereotypically mainstream hipster. He has anxiety and takes medication for it. He is asexual, and though he finds certain people (cough-Narcissus-cough) aesthetically pleasing, he has no interest in sex, though he is capable of developing romantic feelings for people.
He has a dry snarky sense of humor that rarely comes out because he is too shy and reserved. He is extremely introverted, but there is a part of him that also craves socialising and finding intellectual stimulus.
I have projected so much on that precious sky child. He is literally me when it comes to books and series and life goals. But more than anything, he exists, because Narcissus deserves better than Asher.
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