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Done! What's your thoughts? SPOILERS POSSIBLE
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Done! What's your thoughts? SPOILERS POSSIBLE
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Vampire Executioner
Vampire Executioner

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I honestly thought it was pointless filler. I'm happy she did some zombie raising, buuuut other than that it was pretty lame. Even my mum thought it was dumb. I still can't understand WHY she had sex with one of the bad guys. All new level of sluttiness. Damn ubersnatch.

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Vampire Executioner
Vampire Executioner

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I FINALLY read this damn thing. I didn't really get much from it, but didn't expect to. i was not surprised. I was aggravated with the whole "woe is me, my grandmother said I was ugly, my ex's parents didn't think i was white enough" bs during the flirt scene... also aggravated that that scene went from being a cute scene with Nathaniel and a waiter to automatically being all about LKH/Anita. Bleh... but I was not surprised. Let's see...what else... I actually really liked Jacob and Nicky when they first appeared... my liking of them went down notch after notch as soon as everything went toward the "I must fuck Anita" route that these things always seem to follow.... Poor Nicky. I am glad that Jacob got away.

The lack of mind to mind contact from the beginning of the altercation was annoying. The fact that a witch was brought into the cemetery scene just seemed like an afterthought to me. As if someone had been reading over LKH's shoulder as she was writing and said, "Hey, why hasn't she tried to contact one of her men?" Sure, JC and Damien were out for the day, but she has a string of others she could have contacted. The witch just seemed to be thrown in.

I enjoyed the zombie parts, but after everything else, they sort of seemed like an afterthought as well....

Oh, and "fur- fuckers"..... such a ridiculous term.

Now, on to Bullet.


"If you can't handle me at my worst, then you sure as hell don't deserve me at my best."--Marilyn Monroe
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PDS Clergy
PDS Clergy

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I don't generally burn books but if I had owned my own copy of this... I might consider it. Fortunately I couldn't bring myself to spend almost $30 for a book so short. (I know that's been a huge complaint of mine lately, but I"m unemployed and prudish with money...)

First off, we all know that Anita gets stupid clients now and then. We know she gets offers to do risky, long dead, bad idea, etc raisings and they usually involve a buttload of cash, or in Anita's case an ubersnatch of cash. But someone PLEASE tell me why ANY author would have two of the same situation in such a short book, so close together? And badly written too. The arguments seemed to drag on. I realize that they would've given anything to have Anita raise their dead but the old Anita would've stopped the argument long before it got to that point. How many pages did I have to read of Mr. B being huffy and hurt to Ms. Bitchface being so retardotastic?

Secondly, LKH doesn't usually skip around so much in the time line. This one had two weeks from scene one to scene two.. or would that be three with the flirt scene? It was almost as if she couldn't think of anything to write... Surprise...

Next the flirt scene was fun until Anita had to make it about her. When you read the afterward, you can tell that LKH just can't let others shine when she's around.

I really didn't care for what she did to Nicky. What happened to her? She was always afraid of fucking the bad guy, or having them do sexual things to her. Now she's volunteering. AND wtf did she do to him? She chose to do that! Before she would've tried to get in their head, which she already had, and then use that to surprise them with violence! .... now she's doing exactly what she kills other vampires for. Or at least one of the reasons she kills them. How is she supposed to reconcile her beliefs in her badge with what she's done. And it was almost as if she didn't even blink about it. Now afterward she kinda felt bad but it wasn't the I'm going to have nightmares about that kind of regret that she's shown in previous books.

Anita has always stated that Lycanthrope blood is stronger than human. ALWAYS. Whether it's feeding vamps or raising the dead. It's always been more potent. It seems like it was from book one so why would she forget that now? Then raising an army of the dead.... like it was a new idea? Every time she's had extra energy she's sent it into the dead... remember when she raise Damian? Then using them to kill... like that's a new idea. Remember the guy who liked disabled chicks? She killed him with zombies too and made herself sick over it. She said it haunted her. Now she doesn't blink... doesn't think twice and it wasn't really necessary.

I can't say I liked the book at all. I had a few giggles every now and then over comments I thought were funny but I just didn't like it. It seemed unpolished, thrown together, unfinished.... I finished the book in about 2 1/2 hours and now I'm off to read Bullet. I can only hope that somehow LKH has miraculously learned to write.


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I kind of enjoyed the foray back to the olden days of Anita's zombie-raising job until she did that whole stupid 'flirt' scene with Nathaniel and the waiter. It's been reported on so many sites and in her own words that it was a real-life situation with a real waiter (poor guy) and someone else at her table that it bordered on bad taste.

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And we all know that the waiter in the real-life story that inspired the book couldn't have been flirting with Jon and Laurell because that might get a bigger tip. Nope. 'Cuz I never ever did that when I waited tables.

*crosses fingers behind back*

"To be with us as our lover is to be seduced by our powers." - Asher
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