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NEW: Babbok has answered the questions submitted last month. Simply click on the Author Interview link above to view her interview.

Mission:The intent of this section of Pomme de Sang is to highlight certain authors in the AB:VH fandom who contribute to the PDS archive. We would like to give everyone the opportunity to ask questions to their favorite authors, and give the authors a chance to detail and speak frankly about how they write and what they enjoy.

Selection:As of this time, the moderators and I will be choosing the authors to be interviewed for this site. Selection is based on the author's body of work, influence, and popularity. However, in the future we would like to involve all members of PDS in the decision-making process. Please watch for news items in the archive or announcements on the message board for developments on this front. For now, if you have a specific author that you believe should be given consideration, please e-mail

Question Submission: We welcome everyone to participate in asking the authors questions. Check out the news items on the main page of the archive or the Fic on PDS forum of the message board for up-to-date information on upcoming interviews and how to submit questions you may have.