Pomme De Sang Submission Rules

Submissions from validated authors go directly to the archive. Submissions from non-validated authors go into the queue to be evaluated by administration for posting to the archive. See FAQ for more information.

1. Titles and summaries should be free from errors in spelling and grammar, and should be properly capitalized.

Stories with errors in titles and summaries will be declined for posting. Errors here are a sign of things to come. Do not use all capitals in titles and summaries; that is the equivalent of shouting. Use correct capitalization in titles, which is all words other than “and”, “of”, “or”, or “to”. Do not use multiple line or paragraph breaks to put a lot of blank space into summaries, do not create tables of contents in summaries.
2. The body of story or chapter should be free or nearly free of errors in spelling, grammar, punctuation, and capitalization.
Have your beta check your work before you post it. New and experienced writers alike benefit from having a beta. Do not use netspeak or abbreviations for names and numbers. Fics will be declined for excessive errors. “Excessive” is to be defined at the discretion of an administrator, but can generally be considered more than one error for every 500 words, maximum 5 per story or chapter. Misspelling a canon character name is grounds for declining as well.
3. Correct formatting is to have left justified (not indented) paragraphs, with spaces between them.
Start a new paragraph for each change in speaker. Italics and bold face fonts are for emphasis only. Graphics, artwork, and and links are permitted if they are relevant to the story, and no more than two (total) per chapter, not larger than 200 x 300, and are in good taste (G rated.). Fics containing advertising or sales links will be deleted automatically. Fics that are all jammed into one paragraph or a very few paragraphs will be declined. Long fics should be divided into chapters.
4. A chapter or short story must be at least three hundred fifty (350) words long. Fics shorter than that must be posted as drabbles. Prologues and epilogues may be shorter, if they are clearly marked as such.
One page of twelve (12) point type in a standard word processing format is approximately three hundred fifty words. Author’s notes should be at the beginning or ending of chapters; they may not be posted as separate chapters. There are now specific sections to add these in the submission form.

5. Poetry may be any length, and should be posted as “Original Fiction.” All of your poems should be linked as chapters of one fic.

6. Use a rating that is reasonable for your fic, and add all warnings that apply. Note no more than five (5) characters most central to your story, not everyone who appears, however briefly.

7. Do not beg or even ask for reviews in the title, summary, notes, or body of your fic. Never threaten readers as a way of getting more reviews. Such fics will be declined, deleted or edited at the discretion of the admin.

 8. Do not post requests, announcements, or questions about your story on the PDS board. Do not invent other methods of shameless self promotion; admins will deal with it as seems good to them.

9. If you are not a validated author, please do not post more than three (3) chapters or stories at one time.

If you believe there is a problem, contact our administrators by sending Ruas, Aithne, or Nemhain a private message on the message board or by e-mailing at admin_pds@pommedesang.com .