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Welcome to Pomme de Sang, an Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter community.

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07/21/16 10:12 pm
Thank you Hartmann!
07/20/16 03:39 pm
Still adding Chapters to Mrs. Zeeman!
07/10/16 01:15 pm
I know it's slow this summer, thanks for checking on us.
07/09/16 03:31 pm
I cleaned up a few on the current stories. They seem to have had busy spurts.
07/08/16 08:49 pm
Quite a lot of spamming going on on the reviews, I know there is not much you can do about it, just an alert.
07/02/16 02:02 pm
New Chapter for Mrs. Zeeman, so if you just glance you may not notice it.
06/29/16 08:18 pm
I wish LKH would write a book about hunting down Olaf, it would be great.
06/18/16 09:19 pm
Any one else loving on Olaf? Seriously hoping he and Edward appear in the next book.
06/14/16 07:10 pm
Vampire Joke. What's the difference between a Lawyer and a vampire. A vampire only sucks the life out you at night.
05/30/16 07:35 pm
Plenty of time to think of new plots driving down the i70

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