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Welcome to Pomme de Sang, an Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter community.

If you are 18 or older, you are welcome to read and review the stories posted here. Enjoy!

10/27/16 03:30 pm
Love the new book. Characters are growing. As Hartmann says, great ending. Ireland is alive with magic. Lots of ideas for PDS stories in this one!
10/25/16 05:33 pm
Is Darla still about these days at all?
10/23/16 07:21 pm
There There, we can always read PDS!
10/23/16 04:34 pm
*hugs* now we have to wait for the next book *sobs into Hartmann's shoulder*
10/23/16 03:05 pm
Finished it, loved the ending good old fashioned blood gore vamps and magic!
10/23/16 03:04 pm
LKH on the NY Times best seller list today!
10/23/16 12:55 pm
Hey Hartmann, you may want to mark Mrs. Zeeman as finished. Wonderful story! :)
10/20/16 10:30 am
Still reading, LKH addict.
10/20/16 10:29 am
I was excited the first couple of chapters, seemed like it was going to be a good crime adventure, but got to page 360 and still balancing boyfriends, not in Ireland, polyamoury is exhausting!
10/19/16 11:13 pm
I didn't like it as much as the last one. *sighs* Still read it in one night though. *grins* Ah sweet sweet book candy.

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