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11/09/15 08:18 am
Thank you!
11/08/15 02:46 pm
Thanks Aithne for taking care of PDS😄
11/08/15 02:02 pm
I have removed as many as possible going down the line. Spam's a hazard of the business. I think we are actually quite lucky for the low amount happening in our history.
11/06/15 11:00 am
I reported the spam and the spammer, probably doesn't even know they were spammed :-(
11/06/15 10:04 am
Yup looks like we all got spammed, bummer, I just don't get it, is it funny? I'm not laughing.
11/06/15 07:19 am
Nothing more disheartening than getting an email you got a new review and it's a gigantic SPAM! LOL!
10/24/15 09:36 pm
Oh good! Happy reading!
10/23/15 05:33 am
Thanks nicola71 I found it last night on sourdre de sang, I always for get about that site
10/20/15 09:12 pm
I have no memory of that story, sorry! But maybe someone else does. Did you post your question on the message board> There's a thread for that, and people still check from time to time.
10/19/15 09:43 pm
Hey can you guys help I'm looking for a story about Anita using candles and a ritual to break her bonds but she needs to be tortured for it to work? Please and thanks

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