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05/08/16 09:13 pm
Happy Mom's Day, whether you have 2 legged kids or 4 legged kids. Hugs!
05/04/16 11:11 am
Come on guys, try writing a drabble or mini story this month!
05/02/16 02:46 pm
*whew* now I feel better! Thanks everyone! *hugs*
05/01/16 05:30 pm
LKH: I woke able to hear Asher. He had important info, but I was so angry with him it took 24 hrs of fighting with him to be able to listen. lol love that vampire ..
05/01/16 05:28 pm
Don't think she would kill him off. Characters she dont like get less page time. We don't get much of him on page unless he got more page time in the last books *not read any since Blood Noir*
05/01/16 03:26 pm
Crimson Death, now pushed back to October 11th:(
05/01/16 01:19 pm
I didn't find any references to killing off Asher. I love his angstyness. He adds drama to the plots, he's not going anywhere.
04/30/16 08:24 pm
No! Not the Goldfinch! *hides* Sometimes when I am reading the books I think I have missed one because a character has changed so much. Like Dolph. And Asher. I hope she doesn't kill him off.
04/29/16 02:21 pm
Just seen this on LKH twitter She ranting about Asher think we might loose him if he's annoyed her that much..
04/27/16 08:35 pm
Dearest readers, don't despair at the lack of postings, May is usually a slow time. Spring weather and end of the school year activities keep writers busy, keep checking back, someone will post!

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