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Welcome to Pomme de Sang, an Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter community.

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02/22/17 02:08 pm
Thanks for the compliment nicola71! I to have seen some veterans appearing. Love the new authors too, lots and lots of new things to read, sometimes I can't keep UP:)
02/21/17 06:48 pm
Glad to hear (read) you're still around :) I think some of us older lot are reappearing again...or so it seems
02/20/17 07:34 pm
Hey guys... I'm still lurking around, with some stories to finish... always checking in on what's happening! Love Hartmann's work, and miss all my old buds!
Trinity Raya
02/16/17 10:46 pm
I know I'm a little late to the party, but I agree Hartmann.
02/14/17 02:03 pm
Ok, cheers everyone :)
02/12/17 11:23 pm
I have found fanfiction on other sites about Anita Blake are heavy with crossovers, Harry Potter, Dresden and Marvel. I'm not a fan of crossovers.
02/12/17 06:56 pm
This site has been going 10 years plus now. It is very quiet. The official ABVH forum has been gone for a couple of years now also.
02/12/17 01:07 pm
I know there's a very active anita blake fan group on FB, dunno about pds.
02/12/17 12:52 pm
I know there's a very active anita blake fan group on FB, dunno about pds.
02/12/17 09:06 am
Does anyone know if PDS has anything an FB group? Just thinking with the forum being so quiet..a group may allow more interaction?

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