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08/27/15 08:13 pm
The students come Monday... then exhaustion will set in for about a week until my body gets used to the 5AM wake up, coffee, coffee. Have a great school year!
08/25/15 10:35 pm
I'm back at school too! My last kid off to college. Narcissusinchains, are you off too?
08/24/15 06:03 pm
Happiness to everyone whose kiddos are going back to school and good lucks to all the teachers out there, (like me) in denial summer is over... :-)
08/10/15 08:42 pm
To find an author click on Authors upper right corner and then follow the alpha bet. Also, if you find a favorite author, click on their favorite stories and find gold!
08/06/15 01:13 pm
Who updates this site? They still have Affliction as current book? I do not know how to share an Amazon ebook or I would have shared Dead Ice alread
08/06/15 01:00 pm
smj, you are so sweet! Thank you! And I am going to write something of my own... I will definitely let you know when that happens! (I will need a few readers!) Thanks for all your reviews!
08/06/15 12:16 pm
Can't find Edwardmorte's?
08/06/15 12:15 pm
I love Nicola71 her stories blow my mind! I wish these were hard cover books I could buy and stare at every day.
08/05/15 09:01 am
Drabble theme for the month of August is "Firsts"... check them out as the posting begins! Join the fun!
08/02/15 10:39 pm

New book out! I -- 


Read it immediately
Read it immediately 25%
Am reading it now
Am reading it now 0%
Have it in the TBR list
Have it in the TBR list 12%
Thinking about it
Thinking about it 12%
Library wait list
Library wait list 0%
I'll get there eventually
I 12%
Or maybe not
Or maybe not 37%