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09/19/16 06:48 pm
Video of Salt Lake City appearance of LKH is posted on her facebook, fun to listen to.
09/18/16 11:15 pm
I've started a drabble about first impressions, pick your favorite character and join in.
08/14/16 02:55 pm
LKH will be appearing at the Salt Lake City Comic Con, first weekend in September. Wish I could go, maybe you westerners will make it!
08/13/16 02:38 am
Hi all, thanks for the add! I am an Anita fanfic writer with several already completed under my belt including three separate series, including one crossover with Merry! Looking forward to sharing!
08/10/16 03:20 pm
Hi I am new thank you for allowing me to be on the site, hee hee can't wait to read all of the Anita Blake x over stories Thank you!!!!
08/04/16 12:08 am
Pre Ordered Crimson Death! Waiting with bated breath!
07/21/16 10:12 pm
Thank you Hartmann!
07/20/16 03:39 pm
Still adding Chapters to Mrs. Zeeman!
07/10/16 01:15 pm
I know it's slow this summer, thanks for checking on us.
07/09/16 03:31 pm
I cleaned up a few on the current stories. They seem to have had busy spurts.

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