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01/15/17 07:44 pm
Is yout file a .doc?
01/15/17 11:18 am
I'm trying to post my first story and I can't seem to find the right file type to upload?
01/02/17 05:06 pm
Happy new year 😀
01/02/17 02:32 pm
Happy New Year Everyone! :-)
12/31/16 05:20 pm
Hi Reka, Try clearing your cookies and cache to start with in both those browsers - can often cause layout issues
12/31/16 01:39 pm
Not sure where else to ask this. Anyone else have issues with the posting screen in Chrome and Edge? No paste from word, link creation, or the like shows for me. Firefox still works as normal.
12/24/16 08:20 pm
If you have questions, let me know, I have read them all, several times.
12/24/16 11:32 am
Think Ive somehow missed a book, or maybe a few few :o. Affliction and the one before has confused me slightly :\
12/22/16 03:07 pm
Queen of the Dead stories are by Gwenefhar333
12/16/16 04:00 pm
MaryJ's saga about Damian was wonderful

New book out! I -- 


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Am reading it now
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I 10%
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